domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Funk for your ass

John Lee Hooker & Santana - The healer (foto)

Everlast - Black Jesus

Fred Wesley and The New JBs - Funk for your ass

Javier Malosetti & Electrohope - Maybe i´m leo

James Taylor & Carole King - It's too late (foto)

Harlem Underground - Smokin Cheeba Cheeba

Lucila Ciocoletto - Tumabneango

Weezer - I'm a beliver (foto)

Led Zeppelin - Rock and roll (foto)

Oasis - Roll with it

Mary J. Blige - One (foto)

Pedro Aznar - Angie

Herbie Hancock - Tempo de amor

Pepe de Lucía - Uno

Quique Sinesi - La arenosa

Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - Wonder Woman (foto)


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