domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Safe in the heat of the moment

Lea DeLaria - Being caught stealing

James Hunter - Don't smoke without fire

Billy Joel - Tell her about it

Miguel Zavaleta - De Lomas a Morón

Rubén Rada - Fue amor

Duran Duran - Safe in the heat of the moment

George Michael - Fantasy

Rafael Saadiq - Daydream

Jarabe de palo - Soy un bicho

Richard Galliano y Wynton Marsalis - What a little moonlight can do

Phineas Newborn - You're the sunshine of my life

Escalandrum - Vayamos al diablo

Jeff Beck - Brush with the blues

Neil Diamond - Cherry cherry

Adele - Full that I am

Yoav - Club thing

David Bowie - You’ve got a habit of leaving

The Kills - Nail in my coffee

Bon Scott - Round and round

Y se fue.

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